A compromise

Lady, You know this is only going to end with your charred corpse panted  the dragon.

yeah, i don’t think so said the swordswoman breathlessly. no, this is gonna end when i’m carting back your loot and picking my teeth with your bones.

really? and how  do you propose to kill me?

well,  i’m gonna cut your head off, replied the swordswoman as she picked herself up off the ground.

nice and clean, so i can hang it on my mantle.

really, cut off my head? i’d be scared if that weren’t so ridiculous. my neck is as thick as a tree trunk and as hard as steel.

ridicoulous, huh? well may’be youll feel diffrent once i’ve stabbed you through the heart, smart guy.

throught the heart? lady, a dragons heart pumps vicious and wild, spraying blood that could boil you alive. you’d be dead before you knew it.

is that so, wise guy? well then how would you do it?

well this may be news to you but if you could read then youd know that in the stories dragons always have a weakness.. a small patch in their scales, weak enough to let a sword through.

uh huh, and your just going to stand there and let me kill you?

Well, no. but i can’t carry on like this all day. a dragon of my stature has places to be, people to eat.

so youre going to turn tail and scamper.

i wouldn’t dream of it. i have a reputation to uphold. no doubt you’d boast of how you bested me, and soon enough i’d be the laughing stock of dragonkind.

no, what i propose now is much better. give me your sword

what are you crazy? hell no.

you want to be known as a dragon slayer don’t you? well, i can promise you this , id kill you with me but there is another way. give me your sword.

and so the swords woman tentatively give the dragon her sword, plucked in between his great talons like a sewing needle. with a decisive squeeze he broke the sword in half . the the blade-half of the sword he drew across a small patch of scales just above his breast. it drew blood, blood so hot that drops of molten metal began to roll down the blade, rich with the dark, distinctive tint of dragons blood. it would be visible to all that this blade had pierced a dragon.

“With this” he said ” you could boast that you’d slain a dragon, for who else would have a sword like this but a dragon slayer?”

“then give it to me and we can part” said the swordswoman.

“now, now… not so fast. nothing comes free. cut your hair and change your name, never return home. and i will keep this” he said  clutching the pommel-half  in his other claw. on the hilt was carved the swordswoman’s mark, a symbol of herself, her name and her house. ” so that i may boast of the fearsome warrior lady i slew this day”

at this the swordswoman spat and swore under her breath. but her eyes burned with ambition. she would be known as a dragon slayer.

“deal” she said, and with that they parted ways.